Happy Father’s Day

Some beautiful and poignant thoughts on the importance of fathers and father figures. You can learn more about Bill and Jill Randall and their ministry here: http://www.crmleaders.org/teams/lec .

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When I was younger, Father’s Day wasn’t my favorite. When I was 10 years old, my parents divorced. It was inevitable. And probably a really good thing because my dad was, let me just say, not the greatest. So, I didn’t really have a dad growing up.

But, trying to stay in touch, I would search every store for an appropriate Hallmark card for him. But, I could never find one that really expressed my feelings, since my relationship was so painful. So, I’d just get one that was blank, and wrote something like, “Happy Father’s Day.” Not real creative, but I mean, what else can you say to someone you really don’t know?

When I got married and three years later got pregnant, I distinctly remember saying to my husband, “I sure hope you know how to be a good dad, because I have no idea what they are…

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Sorrow That Heals

Sorrow is not a bad thing, but it is evidence that we live in a broken world with broken people. Sorrow can lead to a better world when God is allowed to do His work in our hearts and minds. With sorrow, God can stretch the heart so that it has a higher capacity for love, mercy, compassion and kindness. He can clear out the thoughts and ways of thinking that get in the way of seeing the world and our fellow broken people the way He sees us. Sorrow heals.
However, sorrow can also lead to darker horizons. When sorrow takes us off course and leads us to self-pity or anger or apathy, it loses its power to heal and strengthen. Sorrow can break us further and deeper.
The first way opens the door for Christ to do His work while the other asks Him to wait outside while we wallow and fester alone. In watching the aftermath of the tragedy in Orlando, I wondered if people consider which path sorrow will lead to.  As a father, it breaks my heart to know that grieving parents have to hear the horrible and false narratives that are coming from all sides as they walk with sorrow through a world they are not prepared to live in.  A world where their child is gone, their legacy reduced, their hope for the future dimmed, they have to find the will to move on.  In sorrow.
What is truly infuriating is that some of the most vile, disgusting and hateful comments and public rants are from my brothers and sisters in the faith.  While I would like to argue that the things they have said prove that they don’t truly understand Christ, the truth is I don’t decide whether they are my brothers and sisters in the faith.  Jesus will decide whether they belong to Him or not one day.  Right now I have to claim them as my family as much as it pains me.
And so I apologize.  I am truly sorry for the hateful, insensitive and untruthful statements that have come from my “family” these past few days.  I am sorry that what they have said and done has made the survivor’s walk through sorrow that much more painful and difficult. I am sorry that we don’t have a way to erase the stupidity of their ideology or the consequences of their actions. But I pray that the rest of my family can do better. I pray that we lead with love and finish with grace.  I pray that we offer comfort and compassion and kindness and mercy day after day after day after day, because this walk with sorrow will be long for many.
There are many walking through sorrow today.  Will we live and speak and act in such a way that it leads to the place where Christ can do His healing work, or will we knock broken people off course into a life filled with anger, frustration and even hate.  May we mourn with those who mourn in a way that leads to healing and wholeness.

The Hard Questions…

A beautiful blog about how our heavenly Father fills the empty spaces, even to overflowing. Enjoy.

Faith, Sippy Cups, and Waterproof Mascara

There are often times in which I find myself pondering how I will answer the difficult questions that come from a child that is raised in a single parent home. You know them…”Do I have a dad? Where is he? Why isn’t he here if he loves me? Does he love me? How do I shave my face? And on and on and on…” You see, I am a planner. I should note that I have come leaps and bounds from the obsessive planner I once was. The Lord rocked my perfectly planned life and a paradigm shifted. I realized that the amount of effort I was putting into carefully articulating how I envisioned my life to be, actually disabled the Lord from having His way in my life. I even planned Him in…consequentially squeezing Him out.
This last year I have been very specific with the nature of planning…

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Another great post from a sister in Christ.

Family Discipleship Path

America is a materialistic society. The American Way is to get more money, more stuff, more status, more, more, more….

“Living in a material world
And I am a material girl
You know that we are living in a material world
And I am a material girl”

Madonna released “Material Girl” in the mid 80’s, in the last 30 years our world has become more materialistic than ever. Is it possible to NOT be a material girl (or boy)? Is it possible to raise children in this day and age to NOT be a material girl (or boy)?

I believe that it is possible IF we are purposeful.  The key to avoiding materialism is to focus on contentment.

There’s a wonderful book entitled, “Calm My Anxious Heart” by Linda Dillow. The tag line is “A Woman’s Guide to Finding Contentment.” I believe that’s an interesting and important connection between anxiety…

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Great post about a troubling issue.

Perusing Pinterest today, I came across this photograph…

Do you know who this is?

Look again…

Know now?

Okay, I’ll tell you.

John Wayne.


I was shocked. I mean, I love The Duke as much as the next classic film lover, but I had NO idea that The Duke used to look like this. No wonder he went to Hollywood.

Sharing the photograph on Facebook, I wrote ‘”Magic Mike” needs to take a cue from this guy. Handsome speaks for itself, and dignity never goes out of style!!’

That, coupled with this article I read today, got me to thinking…

Aside from the basic moral wrongs of the hit film “Magic Mike”, and regardless of the glaringly obvious double standard found in its popularity (can you imagine Christian men on Facebook making enthusiastic status updates about seeing “Striptease” with all their married Christian buddies at the…

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