Stuff to Do With Your Kids: Go Fishing

This one went back in the lake.
This one went back in the lake.

I love going fishing with my daughter.  There are a lot of plusses: beautiful scenery, peace, learning stillness, working on patience together, celebrating success and commiserating in defeat.  And you can bring home some good eating at the end of the day.  How many other activities allow you the range of experiences that you can have fishing?  Not many.

Is it difficult sometimes?  Absolutely.  Challenging? Yes.  Rewarding? Doubly so.  Watching the frustration and disappointment turn to joy and contentment is priceless.  Helping them overcome squeamishness to hook a worm or gut a fish beats any app on any phone any time.  Being there when the eyes go wide and the mouth drops opens as they get the first fish landed can’t be bought without time, patience and untangling a fishing line a few times.

Do it.  Check out the local fishing spots in your area.  Ask people in your church if they like to fish and you will find them quickly.  Get some fishing gear – nothing expensive – and your license and get out there.  It is worth it.

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