Stuff to Do With Your Kids: Skip Rocks

I love skipping rocks.  It is therapeutic and free, so double bonus, but I love skipping rocks with my girls even more.  Watching them learn how to hold the rocks, use the proper motion and finally get their first skip is just amazing.  If you haven’t skipped rocks with your kids, do it.  If you don’t know how to skip a rock, check this article out here.

It will take patience, repetition and a lot of rocks, but it is worth it.  Find a good pond or a small lake where the water gets calm and visit now and then for rock skipping.  Between visits have your kids keep their eyes open for the perfect skipping rock since they often pop up where there is no water to skip them on.  When you go rock skipping, use the time enjoy God’s creation.  And whatever you do, try not to make it a competition – that’s what sports are for.

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