Stuff to Do With Your Kids: Tell Them a Story

Once a week I will be trying to post something I am doing with my children or something I have read about and want to do with my children.  Hopefully they will inspire you to find different ways to connect with your child(ren) make memories.  Below is the first foray in Stuff to Do With Your Kids.  Blessings!


Even with the steady flow of information coming from the internet, TV and books, it is hard to find a good story.  I think part of the problem is that our society has slowly become more adept at soaking up stories than creating them.    There is nothing wrong with appreciating creativity, but if it is done without inspiring creativity, shallow and hollow living can soon follow.  Children need to be storytellers.

I am getting in the habit of telling my daughters stories made up as we go.  There are some repeated characters or worlds, but the storyline is spontaneous and often serendipitous.  During some of these story times, I include my girls in the story telling.  I ask for ideas on what to call a character or what a location looks like. They love the freedom to come up with silly and fantastic things without being criticized.  They are stretching their creative muscles and getting stronger every day.  They are even beginning to tell their own stories and we all have fun.

So be a storyteller.  Be creative even if it is silly and fantastic.  Join your children on adventures that no theater could contain or screen could express.  Help them learn the power and wonder of a good story not just as spectators, but as participants. Remind them that there is one who is writing their story and He wants them to help with the details.  Guide them to the intersection of imagination, inspiration and transformation and you will give them a gift that will last a lifetime.

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